How Mercury Retrograde is Mercy Killing My Ego

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Have you felt it? The creep of Mercury Retrograde's shadow? I sure have... aaaannd let me tell you the planets are giving me the biggest middle finger ever. This past week has high-key felt like months of torment (not really I'm just being hyper dramatic), but they have definitely turned me on to some things that I've been pushing under the rug. Are my insecurities shining through? Yes. Do I need to get a hold of my life? Yes. Am I flipping the fuck out? No.

The planets have a funny way of guiding you to the right path it's just your duty to either play with it all or ignore it. Truthfully, through the majority of the year I have been quietly ignoring the planets even when they were shining bright neon signs into my face. Change is scary but it's something that needs to happen in order for you to progress as a person and grab a hold of the light that you're supposed to radiate with. 

Shifting your energy to the higher self is the main theme throughout the rest of the summer. Thanks to rowdy eclipses in Aquarius (July 27) and Leo (August 11) it's easy to get caught up in the drama and excitement. Remember, everything presents itself upon you for a reason it's just your duty to listen! Things you have been putting off either because others have been out before you or out of fear are a things of the past. It might be frustrating, but if you truly fight through the negative bullshit you will see the results you've been dreaming of. 


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