Ode to Sativa

Andrea Garcia

We can all agree there is something inherently mystical about plants, they’re almost god-like in fact. They are necessary for our environment to maintain balance, and they have benefited us endlessly for millions of years. Now out of all these magical ass plants my favorite plant is Cannabis Sativa. Human’s have had a long history with Sativa, and she has yet to disappoint us. Cannabis Sativa is one of the most versatile plants out there, and hemp which derives from Sativa is undergoing a cultural cannabis boom in America. medical issues? she’s got you.  Skin problems? Yep that too. Need a natural alternative to plastic? check yes again. This plant could revolutionize how we live. But let’s start small, and at home. You may be saying to yourself “Ok Sativa and hemp are cool, I'm sold- so now what?” Now we can start with replacing everyday home items with simple *legal* cannabis based products (since not all of our readers- and myself included live in weed friendly states…ugh). Here are a couple of my favorite items that I use everyday!

1.Hemp Seed Oil

Recently I’ve been trying to replace all of my skin care products with plant based natural oils/scrubs/toners. The one that has stood out the most amongst my collection is Hemp seed oil. Harvested from cold pressed hemp seeds this nutritious oil is AMAZING. Say bye bye stupid acne scars, because you’ll never see them again after using this stuff every day for a couple months. If you go through the sensitive skin struggle this works wonders as a daily facial oil as opposed to using sketchy chemical filled moisturizers or serums. This oil also aids in regulating oil production on the face so if oily skin is something you have no worries! People effected by eczema may also be interested in this oil as researches have found it can soothe inflammation. My 24 oz bottle from Nutiva Nutrtion was around $10 and you can find it at Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

2. Fabric

Hemp makes an incredible fabric. It’s more eco-friendly than harvesting cotton & you can make literally anything from it. Jeans, shirts, backpacks, jackets, even sunglasses. I personally use hemp based kitchen towels in my apartment all the time. They’re way more absorbent, and using them cuts out the need for paper towels (which are very wasteful/expensive). You can buy a few of them off of amazon for under $20. Additionally, creates beautiful hemp based textiles & home decor items that are worth checking out!

3. CBD bath products

Fuck, I love CBD. Even my mom loves CBD, and that’s really saying something. The possibilities are endless with CBD, and I love how many self care products are infused with it now. Treating myself is my favorite pass time & it should be yours too-we deserve it! CBD is like a natural spa for your body, and if you use it in a spa like setting you might as well be floating amongst the clouds. I’ve recently gotten into CBD bath bombs and holy shit do yourself a favor and throw them in your next bath. You and your muscles with thank me endlessly. has some amazing options! Roll up a joint, sink into your amazing CBD bath, and let yourself melt.