The Invisible Woman by Shirley Rogers Radl

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Review by Kirkus:

A series of feminist editorials that are a little anemic, sociologically, but full of redblooded, often commonsensical indignation. Radl's ""invisible woman"" is the housewife thrust by sheer necessity into the typing pool or similar menial work: ignored by the media (which spotlight women with glamorous professional careers), patronized and exploited by male bosses, rarely helped by her husband, and now attacked by Fundamentalist zealots for abandoning her home and children, she is truly caught in the ""patriarchal pressure cooker."" Radl herself has done time in the nine-to-five world, and writes about it with sardonic vigor; but when she launches from the base of personal experience out into broader theoretical vistas, she runs into problems. One of these is defining the enemy: Radl has no trouble singling out familiar ogres like Jerry Falwell and Phyllis Schlafly--but what are the demographic dimensions of the ""Religious New Right,"" its concrete power base, its capacity for deflecting the mainstream of American politics? Radl has only impressionistic answers to these questions--which is fine unless the reader is looking for in-depth analysis. She does a deft job roasting the Moral Majority for hypocrisy (agonized concern over aborted fetuses but covert support for child abuse), exposing family violence among reactionary groups (notably the Mormons) that champion the family, deflating ""pregnancy chic,"" etc. But her documentation is haphazard (newspaper clippings about children tortured or even killed by fanatically religious parents, scattered quotations from wild-eyed Right-to-Lifers), and she sometimes slips into paranoia (""The New Right wishes to deprive women of all their rights as a step toward overthrowing our present form of government""). Too rambling and derivative to be a major statement, Radl's case against a pseudo-pious masculine establishment works very well as spunky, hard-hitting journalism.


Original Copy from 1981 in good condition.