Q: What does Mujeres de la Luna mean? What do you guys do?

A: Mujeres de la luna translates to Women of the Moon. We specialize in smoking gear for femmes without having to deal with the awkwardness of smoke shop bros mansplaining gear to you. Mujeres de la Luna also specializes in herbal smudges and remedies to guide out negative energies in one's life. 


Q: I would love to collab with you guys or have you at my event! How do I get in touch with you?

A: We love collaborations with new and interesting people! If you have an inquiry about a collaboration or having us at your event don't be afraid to shoot us an email at mujeresdelaluna420@gmail.com.


Q: Does the gum on the Vintage Rolling Papers still work?

A: The Vintage Rolling Papers are straight from the 1970s so some of them may show some wear over time. However, we do test our products and we've found that most of these are still in tact. If the gum on your papers don't hold up they still make a great conversation piece!


Q: Does Mujeres de la Luna perform healing rituals?

A: Mujeres de la Luna DOES NOT perform any type of healing or occult rituals. We focus on using herbal smudges and remedies as a form of self love and care. Though we may practice forms of Brujeria (or Magick), we ARE NOT Magick nor Occult specialists. 


Q: Where is Mujeres de la Luna based out of?

A: We are based in San Antonio, Texas.


Q: I saw you post something on your Instagram and I really want it! Why is it not online?

A: We do pop-ups every few weeks. If we get something in that we know will sell well, we'll give our local customers a chance to buy them in person instead of online to avoid shipping fees. Whatever we have left will be posted online shortly after that.


Q: I haven't received my item(s) yet! What is the hold up?

A: Please allow us up to 5 business days to ship out orders. If you placed your during the weekend it will not be shipped out until the following business week. 


Q: I don't like the item I received and I would like a refund. 

A: Mujeres de la Luna does NOT issue refunds, returns or exchanges.